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Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies for Weddings

Having a toastmaster at your wedding adds a sense of pomp and circumstance to the occasion.  Many people think that a toastmaster's role is just to say grace and to announce the wedding speeches at the wedding breakfast.  These are just a couple of many, many duties that I undertake.

Wells, Somerset, Toastmaster Andrew West I will meet with all of my clients a few months before their wedding to establish their needs and requirements for their special day. I will get to know the wedding couple and build a relationship with them so that they can feel at ease knowing that their wedding day will flow according to plan. When couples meet with me before their wedding, I can offer tips and advice to them and offer guidance on wedding etiquette and protocol. On the day itself, I will arrive well before the happy couple and guests to ensure that the venue is prepared and set up as per the clients needs. As guests arrive, I will greet everyone and guide them to where they are expected to be and will assist photographers with the taking of official photographs.  
Weddings are usually large gatherings; there are a lot of people who attend. To ensure that the happy couple gets to see each of their guests on their special day, it is suggested that they have a receiving line before everyone enters the banqueting hall. Here, each guest has the opportunity to formally greet and congratulate the bride and groom. Once all of the guests are in the dining area, I will ask everyone to stand as I announce and welcome the newly weds into the room (using their married name for the very first time). If required, I can also say Grace before the meal begins. After the meal has finished it is traditional to move straight into the wedding speeches. I will introduce speeches made by  Andrew West Toastmaster with Bridesmaids

the father of the bride, the groom and the best man. It is customary to havethem in this order. Some couples like other family members and friends to give speeches.  If this is required, I will arrange with the couple prior to the day what order the speeches are to be announced.  Once the speeches are finished, the wedding breakfast concludes with the cutting of the wedding cake.

I will make sure that your wedding day is a special one!

Blake Hall Essex Toastmaster 2
Helping the bridesmaids out of the car
Toastmaster Enfield Golf Club Andrew West
Awaiting the happy couple at Enfield Golf Club.

Dartington Hall Totnes Toastmaster Andrew West
Toastmaster at Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon.

Blake Hall Essex Toastmaster 4
Escorting the bride to the civil ceremony.

Blake Hall Essex Toastmaster 5
The famous "Taboo Shot" with Mrs Burling!

Enfield Golf Club Toastmaster Andrew West
Providing the required etiquette...!

The Haycock, Wansford
At the Haycock Hotel in Wansford, Peterborough.

Wansford Toastmaster
Greeting the Bride & Groom!

Blake Hall Essex Toastmaster 6
Cutting the cake in style!

Toastmaster with Johnny Depp 2
Wedding entertainment with Jack Sparrow!

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