"Having come fully prepared, Andrew remained calm and supportive throughout the festival itself"

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English Toastmasters Association

I am an accredited member of the English Toastmasters Association.

English Toastmasters Association St George's Day 2014The English Toastmasters Association was founded in 2004 by Richard Palmer, Linda Palmer and Russell Rainger. The English Toastmasters Association is the fastest growing association in the world, and is the second largest. Its members offer a first-class service to their clients. The Association believes that the focus of any toastmasters’ duties should be on their clients and what they want.

This photo was taken at the Association's St George's Day meeting in March 2014 at the County Hotel in Chelmsford, Essex by one of our Honorary Life Fellow Members, Charles Joseph (I’m third from the left).

English Toastmasters Association 2014The English Toastmasters Association's vision is to be the highest quality Toastmasters Association and leading provider of support for Toastmasters and Master of Ceremonies throughout the world. The Association facilitates excellent, quality training which enables its members to exceed their clients' needs and expectations. The picture to the right was taken at one of our 2014 meetings. Here, me and my fellow members are singing the Ladies

Toastmaster Andrew West and the English Toastmasters AssociationSong, which is performed at Masonic Ladies Festivals. Before this picture was taken, I taught my fellow members how to sing the Ladies Song; the result of which was a recording of the Ladies Song, which some of us actually use as a backing track when working at Masonic Ladies Festivals. The Association provide regular seminars and continued training for all its members.


Here is an earlier picture of me at one of the Association's seminars in Danbury, Essex during January 2011.
Andrew West Toastmaster Training Seminar January 2011

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